Frequently asked questions

Is the extinguisher reusable? Yes.

The extinguisher can put out more than one incipient fire if there is some foam left in the container (total projection time hereinafter).

  • 500 mL = 19 seconds of projection 

  • 750 mL = 26 seconds of projection

What is the service life of the extinguisher?

If stored in a dry environment at ambient temperature, the total service life of the product is approximately five (5) years.

Is there an expiration date on the container?  Yes.

The date printed underneath the container corresponds to the expiration date of the warranty, which is three (3) years. The total service life of the product is approximately five (5) years.


* Please note that regarding the warranty of the device, we can allocate an additional warranty period of 6 months to compensate for the difference of the month indicated under the container during your purchase.   

Is the product resistant to cold temperatures? Non,

The product will freeze if stored at temperature below 0°C. However, the container will remain intact and the Reinoldmax fire extinguisher will keep its full effectiveness after thawing.

Where can I buy a Reinoldmax product?

Please refer to the Google map in the “Sales Outlets” tab. The sales outlets are identified on the map.

Is the extinguisher suited for all fire types?

Reinoldmax quickly and efficiently puts out almost every fire type, including Class A (solid materials), Class B (flammable liquids and gasses), Class C (1000V or less electrical appliances) and Class K (cooking oils and greases).

What are the maintenance requirements?

Reinoldmax requires no inspection or maintenance. It is however recommended to check the pressure once a year after the 3-year warranty expiration date.

How can I safely dispose of the container after usage or after the expiration date?

Thoroughly empty the container and remove the inner pressure, then place in the recycling bin, as you would with any other aerosol spray container.

Is the product approved and can it legally replace a conventional chemical fire extinguisher?

The Reinoldmax product conforms to the Canadian commercialization standards but has not yet been certified as a portable fire extinguisher (NFPA 10 standard). It therefore cannot replace a conventional chemical fire extinguisher in locations where the law requires the presence of an approved fire extinguisher.

Is the product toxic? Non.

The Reinoldmax foam is non-toxic and harmless for both health and environment. The product causes no skin irritation. You can even spray the product directly on an ignited person. In case of inhalation or contact with the eyes, simply rinse the foam with fresh water.  

Is the product corrosive? Non.

Unlike chemical fire extinguishers, the eco-friendly Reinoldmax foam is noncorrosive and will not damage electrical appliances and equipment. Once a piece of equipment can be safely cleaned, simply use a dry cloth to wipe the foam. However, the mixture contains water and could damage the electronic components of your appliances.  

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Do you know how to use
a fire extinguisher?

Reinoldmax has developed a new training tool. It will help you understand what to buy and how to use fire extinguishers in a residential environment.