The Fire Department Information page was developed in order to inform governmental agencies and various local fire services throughout Canada about the Reinoldmax aerosol fire extinguishers. All the provided information has been checked and validated, as confirmed by the test reports and certificates of compliance detailed in the present page. 

Since July 2014, Eco Securica Inc. has been the exclusive Canadian distributor of Reinoldmax AFFF foam spray fire extinguishers, manufactured in Lithuania. The Reinoldmax product line has been commercialized in more than 15 European countries for over 20 years and its clientele includes major industry leaders such as Nissan, Fiat, Hyundai, Goodyear, Carrefour, Thomas Philips, Edeka, KIK and several others. All Reinoldmax products meet the highest quality standards in the industry and have been tested and certified by several European certification bodies. In fact, in 2010, Switzerland awarded Reinoldmax the title of best domestic fire extinguishing products.


The container has been submitted to numerous testing procedures with respect to resistance to corrosion, shocks, and very high temperatures to assess its safe usage by the general population: BSI, CNPP, TUV and more...

In Greece, the existing regulation obligates all vehicle manufacturers and car owners to carry a fire extinguisher; Reinoldmax is the only authorized product conforming to this regulation.

Reinoldmax extinguishes all types of fire, namely: Class A (flammable solids), Class B (flammable liquids), Class C (1000V or less electrical appliances) and Class K (cooking fires). In the Province of Quebec, 25 cooking fire incidents are reported weekly.

The innovative propulsion technology of the Reinoldmax portable fire extinguisher allows you to spray the foam at a safe 1 to 3 metres distance without splashing, feeding or dispersing lighted liquids, thus making its use much safer. Furthermore, the AFFF foam formulation, with proven extinguishing properties, is non-toxic and leaves no hard to clean messy residue. 

Homologation of the Reinoldmax product in North America  

There are no current established standards for portable aerosol spray fire extinguishers. We are presently collaborating with governmental agencies in order to determine Canadian and USA standards for portable aerosol spray fire extinguishing equipment. The homologation and implementation of appropriate standards require time. 

Some unapproved devices do not meet the minimum fire extinguishing requirements for residential environments. They are not compatible with all types of fire (A-B-C and K) and can be very dangerous to use. Here is a video that clearly demonstrates the difference in extinguishing performance of Reinoldmax compared to other aerosols on the market.

See the comparative video below:

Legalizing the sale of the Reinoldmax product in Canada


Reinoldmax is currently regulated under and meets the standards of Public Safety Canada, Health Canada and Environment Canada for "Ethanol, 2-(2butoxyethoxy) AFFF Fire Extinguishing Foam" formulation and consequently, can be legally sold in Canada.  

However, the product is not certified as a portable fire extinguisher in accordance with NFPA10 standard and therefore cannot replace a conventional fire extinguisher where this standard is mandatory.


Given the lack of regulations and certification on aerosols to date, some products on the market are unfortunately ineffective for certain household fires. Due to lack of standard, some provinces had to adopt specific regulations and prohibit sales of unauthorized fire extinguishing products.

Sales restriction in the Province of:



The Province of Alberta endorsed the 2014 AFC Provincial Law B, which states that any device sold on its territory must have a Canadian certification.


Nova Scotia

The Province of Nova Scotia, through their Fire Safety Regulations, require that all portable fire extinguishers sold or distributed in their jurisdiction be listed as required by the edition of the National Fire Code of Canada currently in force.

Several Canadian Fire Service Departments tested the Reinoldmax product and they all agree that this complementary portable fire extinguisher is very efficient and meets the basic needs of the general population. They all enthusiastically wish to collaborate to the introduction of this type of equipment in residential areas once the proper authorities and accredited certification agencies establish regulations and certification requirements for portable aerosol spray fire extinguishers.

In Europe, the Reinoldmax product conforms to BSI standards and regulation for the fabrication and chemical contents of portable fire extinguishers. Other European agencies also conducted testing procedures and certified the Reinoldmax product.    



500 mL: 3 A 13 B C K
Discharge time: 19 secondes

750 mL: 3 A 21B C K
Discharge time: 25 seconds

1  Continuous discharge period (MSDS sheet - JSC MERSETA, Lithuania)

Test performed according to European standards by MPA Dresden

Certification tests – Class K fires

Reinoldmax 500 mL conducted by MPA (Dresden)

Certification tests – Class A and B

Reinoldmax 500 mL conducted by MPA (Dresden)

Eco Securica Inc. wishes to actively collaborate with the various fire services in Canada in order to raise awareness and provide information with respect to the importance of fire protection and promote the integration of the Reinoldmax foam fire extinguisher spray in all Canadian homes. Our product is safe, easy to use and efficiently contributes to the safety of all Canadians at home, at work and in their leisure time.